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We combine the traditional financial market with innovative technologies to find the best opportunities

About us

Private Equity Quote combines strategic thinking and technological expertise. We help clients distinguish real opportunities from hypes. We know the industry-specific trends and know exactly where the potentially hazardous areas are and how they can be released. An important key is the evaluation of data.

Experience has shown that global politics is changing local business. Therefore, we are networked worldwide to be able to draw on first-class data sources for our customers.

Our Team

Katarina Moir

Director and Founder

Katarina Moir is a professional trader and entrepreneur with funded experience in international business strategy.
Her strengths lie in the coordination and support of Initial Public Offerings.

Phua Kay Choon James


Phua Kay Choon James is an analyst and researcher specialized in global financial investments.

Tam Pooh Choo Helen

Executive Assistant

Tan Poh Choo Helen’s reliability and accuracy is essential to the company.